Problems with Fullscreen mode on high resolutions (Windows)

This has been going on for more than a year and I kept hoping you guys would just fix it.

I run a dual monitor setup. Both monitors run at 2560x1440.

When I go to full screen mode on Quicken on the left monitor, it opens beyond the screen...about 25% into the right screen. I can only see to the Category column on the screen i was using. The payment, deposit, balance, etc columns appear beyond the monitor on to the next screen.

When I reduce the resolution to 2048x1152 and go full screen, it shows more of the columns, but still bleeds over into the next screen.

When I go to 1920x1080, everything works as expected.

I know this is not a major bug, but it's annoying, and should be an easy fix.



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    We guys are just other users like you.

    Quicken attempts to maintain the Quicken main window position and size within the QUSER.INI file in the user's hidden AppData\Roaming\Quicken\config folder.  I suggest you exit Quicken and examine the file.  My WAG is Quicken may be mishandling scaling when the Quicken main window is Maximized. As a work around, I suggest you try Normal.

    To report a problem to Quicken, select Help > Report a problem...

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    Thanks Sherlock. You pointed me in the right direction.

    Here's the problem/bug/solution.

    Actual setup:
    Notebook PC set as primary monitor (1920x1080). Second/third monitors set as 2560x1440.
    Maximizing Quicken on Notebook pc display works fine.
    On 2nd/3rd monitors it opens too large (see above).

    Changing my primary display to one of the higher resolution monitors fixed the issue.

    ** This is a bug, and Quicken should fix it by checking monitor/resolution before going to maximize mode.**
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    This bug has been in Quicken since at least Quicken 2013 and maybe before.  If I had known that you had a third screen at another resolution I probably would have suggested what you have already found.

    They are using a very old function for getting the screen resolution that they use for Quicken's main window size.  This old function was created before multiple monitors were in use and as such only knows about the resolution of the "main display", not the display that Quicken is actually on.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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