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Can the following data be displayed in appropriate decimals? These are never addressed since using Quicken Premier more than 8 years ago. Thanks.
1. Quote/Price should be in 2 decimals. (I entered # of shares and total cost in the register, the price/share for each lot is displayed to 6 decimals. Yes, it took up to 6 decimals to complete the cost-to-share calculation, but it does not need to be displayed beyond X.XX in the portfolio summary)
2. For "Return (%) YTD" and Return (%) 1-Year columns, the % are displayed up to 4 decimal points. I believe 2 decimals are more than sufficient for percentage display.
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    Hello @02barrett,

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    For your suggestion #1 I'd say, this function already exists.
    Just look in Edit / Preferences / Reports only for "Decimal places for prices and shares (0-6)" and set it to "2".
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    I don’t believe a one-size-fits-all model is appropriate. I regularly find muni bonds priced to $0.001 precision. Active high volume stocks may close at fractions of a penny. Accounts in other currencies may well have issues with only 0.01 precision. Cyber-coin investors are demanding much higher precision. 

    When a higher precision is used (like my muni citation) I need to see that precision as I compare with other sources. I typically don’t want to see a rounded value. I want to see the real value. 

    For the %-ile presentation, the idea has merit.