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William Day
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In the "Investing Dashboard", "Allocation by Asset Class" presentation (i.e. the lower righthand corner presentation) I would suggest that you feature three (3) Asset Classes percentages
  1. Stocks % Allocation
  2. Bonds % Allocation
  3. Cash Equivalent % Allocation 
Then enable one to 'double click' on one of those three asset classes to reveal the details that are associated with that particular allocation.

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  • msmensik
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    In addition, it would be great if when highlighting a particular asset class on this screen, it would call up or link to the underlying assets. This would facilitate review and correction. In fact, I have a rather large percentage of "unclassified" assets. It would be great to quickly see what assets are in this class since they need to be corrected. Is there a way of creating a report showing these assets and in what account they sit? Many thx.
  • I would like to see the X-Y growth chart from the Portfolio view also be added to the Dashboard view. You have plenty of real estate to include the chart there as well. Also allow you to select asset classes in the chart to view gain / loss as well.