Budgets not showing on Quicken on the web

Hello, my budgets are showing on my Quicken Desktop, but not on Quicken on the Web. My Quicken is syncing no problem, all other information is showing on Quicken on the Web. The message says: "There are no budget items to display". I spoke with Quicken support via the phone and they recommended I try Quicken Community for assistance. thx you. Wendy


  • p.s. we have Quicken Home & Business, Version: R33.7, Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • I have to update this first comment: I see that 4 of my 5 budgets are showing on Quicken on the Web, only 1 is not showing, the most important one.
  • And my last comment: no budgets how on my mobile device.
  • Okay, I did the following and it worked:
    - backed up file
    - reset cloud data
    - did a cloud syn
    - closed and re opened web and mobile versions
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