Quicken home screen keeps changing for several minutes

After I have downloaded transactions for all my accounts, I start accepting individual transactions. After I have processed a couple accounts, the screen keeps cycling between displays. It refreshes the home screen, then the first account on top, then the second account on top. Then the cycle repeats. I have noticed that 1) it only occurs when it has finished downloaded all the update transactions, 2) the Home screen appears to alternate between the full screen and the full screen with the system tray on the bottom, 3) each cycle includes the home screen (plus open account screens) followed by the home screen with the system tray at the bottom (plus open account screens), 4) the number of the full cycles approximates the number of active stocks in all my accounts combined. This is very frustrating to try to continue, so I let Quicken resolve itself while I check my email. The final result, after the blinking finally stops, appears correct, so I continue to accept the transactions on the remaining accounts.
Can the home screen be changed so that the system tray is always available? That should reduce the blinks by 50%.
If the number of cycles is related to individual stock price updates, can the display portion be delayed to only show when all the investment accounts have been updated rather than with each individual stock?
P.S. I started with Quicken version 1 !!! I now use version R35.26.


  • MatthewHuntley
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    I have the same issue and it have been going on for sometime now. It was jumping around before I added any stock quotes. I think the stock quotes is just coincidence. But there is something wrong with the downloads processing into the system.
  • UKR
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    Are you running your Quicken window in full screen mode?
    If so, have you tried setting up Windows so that the Taskbar is always visible at the bottom and changed the Quicken window's size to be smaller than full screen and not extending into the Taskbar area?
  • My basic Qwuicken window is shows as the full screen (above the taskbar), but the upper right corner may be at full screen or reduced screen without the rest of the screen being changed. When the screen is at the reduced size, I cannot change size in any direction.

    Note that the blinking (reseting the screen over the system tray and then back to not covering the system tray) only occurs when I am working with an account with a clearly reduced display size.