Numerous errors after upgrading to R35.26

My copy of Quicken just upgraded itself to R35.26, Build, and, wow, I have so many problems. Virtually all my balances are wrong. They are correct in the the Accounts column on the left, but in the register they are just completely wrong. No relation to reality. Plus, one of my Amex accounts now shows just nonsense entries like "N/A". I can't trust any of the numbers in Quicken at this point. I didn't receive any error codes. Anyone else having a problem with this build?


  • BruceFan
    BruceFan Member ✭✭
    I think I've fixed this. I tried restarting Quicken and the same problems were there, but I noticed that Windows (not Quicken) flashed up a a "blocked controlled folder access" notice. I quit Quicken, gave qw.exe access to the controlled folder it had just been blocked from, restarted Quicken, and now my registers look OK.