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I had a situation where I was adding accts to Quicken. The account has one main account and many sub accts. The sub accts track the spending of each individual card, and they are all attached or linked to the main account. I want to track all of the accts but they all come in with their individual transactions and the balance of the entire group of accts. It makes reconciling these accts impossible. The reconciliation doesn't work because each acct only has transactions for itself, making its ending balance different from the online balance. Again, this is because the online balance is for the entire group of accts.
It would be nice if Quicken could recognize the sub accts and accommodate them accordingly. This is not OS specific, both win and mac have this issue.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    This is much more than just Quicken supporting sub accounts.  How is Quicken suppose to know what accounts those transactions go into?  There isn't any "protocol" for this, so for this to work somehow all the financial institutions that are using "sub accounts" would have to agree on a way that they send the data to Quicken (maybe through Quicken Inc's aggregator Intuit) so that the transactions can be separated out.  I seriously doubt that is ever going to happen.
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  • Why couldn't it be setup so that each individual sub account reconciles and then because they are under one umbrella account the sub accounts total to the main umbrella account. Each sub account total would figure into umbrella account total. Doesn't seem that difficult. The sub account could be indented under the umbrella.
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    I would also like to see sub accounts under an umbrella account.  You should be able to spend from the sub accounts and only reconcile the umbrella.   It is just a way to track and manage projects.  Now I get the same thing done using saving goals.  I win a bid on a project and I put that bid amount in a saving goal, then spend out of checking and move that amount from saving goal into checking as project progresses.  I don't think that is how they planned saving goals, but it works.  I am retired and don't do many projects anyway, but do find it strange they don't have sub accounts. 
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    If there is a way to tell which transactions go with each sub account, perhaps you could handle this using Tags. You could run a report subtotaled by Tag to get the totals for each sub acct. @Divemaster, you could assign a tag to each project.
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    Thanks that might work, never have used tags.   What I have now works for what little I need it and is almost like sub accounts except have to do transfers back to parent from saving goal as I spend on projects.   Also, this way I don't have to run report to see if project I bid is going over.  Just look at the saving goal (which I call project goals) and see how I am doing.   Before retiring from state as a programmer, our accounting systems had lots of sub accounts within a parent account.  We called them object codes under a parent account, but that was just a terminology difference.  Seems most of Quicken's efforts are managing interfacing and keeping up with all the banks and brokers- that would be a programming nightmare.   They are not giving much resources to the core basics of how Quicken started, but they must know what people want.   If they don't watch it they will have a lot of bloatware that majority don't need or use?  Then again, I guess they are in the business and should know what will sell.  Makes me think of Acronis imaging software, I just want a basic image, they have went off and loaded it with much more stuff that goes way beyond imaging, so I have pretty much moved on to another basic imaging software Macrium Reflect.

    Just look at all the problem discussions, almost all dealing with interfacing with another organization.  Perhaps a suggestion to Quicken, market a version Quicken Deluxe Local with no ability to do online functions.  You might be surprised at how that would sell?