Feature Request: Net Worth report should have a checkbox to include scheduled unposted transactions

Years ago, when I used Microsoft Money, I noticed that all future projection reports (net worth, future account balances, etc.) included scheduled but not yet posted transactions. I think this ability should be added to Quicken Mac. A checkbox can be added to net worth reports:

[X] Include scheduled unposted transactions

Creating a new checkbox option will help prevent existing usages of these reports not suddenly change, upsetting users. This is an essential feature because it allows users to project out their net worth, with expected income and expenses (such as mortgage principle getting paid down, investment account deposits, and salary income). A future nice-to-have would be to add another option to factor in an expected rate of return on various types of assets (investments, property, etc.) I find projections of future financial health to be one of the most critical components of applications like Quicken and similar, it's putting all of the data to use to work towards financial goals like retirement, etc.
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