Quicken Premier R35.26 build issues so far

Issue #1: After automatic upgrade and file conversion from R34.24 to R35.26 nearly all investment account balances were zero and investment transaction history was missing.

Workaround 1.1: closed and deleted file, restored R34.24 backup file, reopened R34.24 file using R35.26, noted that investment account balances and transaction history appears to be normal.

Issue #2: Date on one investment account opening cash balance transaction with $0 (zero) amount was 0/0/1900. Could not edit/save correct date due to "Requires Amount" error.

Workaround 2.1: tried editing transaction to set correct opening account date - enter transaction failed due to "Requires Amount" error. $0 was in Amount field.

Workaround 2.2: deleted transaction since $0 amount, and just used initial cash deposit transaction.

Issue #3 (unknown if issue is specific to R35.26): Due to issue #2, validated file using R35.26. Quicken found 693 identical errors: Quicken found an invalid transaction and removed it. "ACCT_354" 0/ 0/1900

None of my accounts are named "ACCT_354" or anything like this. Restored and reopened original R34.24 backup file - using Find can only find a single Date=0/0/1900 transaction from issue #2. not know what account or transactions are invalid.


  • Allan401
    Allan401 Member
    Since posting the above I have discovered that issue #3 may be Quicken created temporary accounts from several years ago during transaction download. Working to validate this further using some of the old solutions.
  • Allan401
    Allan401 Member
    Summary by end of afternoon: my workarounds for issues #1 and #2 worked, and issue #3 appears to be an older issue resolved by validating the file. I was then able to update, match, and reconcile all banking and investment accounts and balances this afternoon without further issue.