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Allow us to make suggestions to Quicken, instead of to the user community. User community is for help, not for suggestions.
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Product suggestions may be submitted through the community, directly to Quicken Support, or in-product from the Help > Report a Problem option.


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    [Removed - Inaccurate/speculation] 
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    fjwilms said:
    Allow us to make suggestions to Quicken, instead of to the user community. User community is for help, not for suggestions.

    The premise of this request is completely FALSE.  Q employees (the Moderators) are active on this forum and relay suggestions to the dev team.
    To allow Q users to directly interact with dev would SWAMP development with user requests and inhibit their ability to actually work on the program.
    I wish that there was a way that I could VOTE AGAINST this idea.
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    A couple suggestions for future releases:
    1. Allow user to set default for bill reminders - mine defaults to 3 days - I would like to set my own default
    2. "Edit" > "Find/Replace" yields a window - allow the user to set the columns. I am always reconfiguring the window of this very helpful feature. Some columns I never use and others have much to large width.
    3. In reports - choosing categories becomes impossible if one uses many subcategories. Suggest greatly opening this window so the user can see all subcategories.
    4. Often I "Alt/Tab" back and forth to enter data - on many inputs the previous entered info is highlighted and disappears unless I click off the data in the window. Nuisance! I see some of these have been fixed in later releases. Particularly a nuisance on split entry memos.
    Hope these are found to be helpful. :#
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    You need to create a separate idea in the correct sub-category of Product Ideas - Quicken for Windows — Quicken
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    Your good suggestion already exists IMO when you submit an “Idea”, which is viewed by the community that includes the Quicken moderators and employees. And what’s in place works well since the collaboration enables other comments, votes, points of views, alternatives, and perhaps an existing solution or workaround to the idea.  
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