Can not manually create backup

Windows 10, Quicken R35.26, build

I have two quicken files on my PC. One of them is OK, I can manually create backups. On the other, however, I can not manually backup the file. A pop-up window declares "can not create destination file". It appears quicken is able to automatically create backup files, as the Backup directory has recent backup files in it.

When I run Validate and Repair, it finds some issues and declares them fixed. However, I notice that the size of the QDF almost doubles. I can open the repaired file and it seems OK. But I still can't manually back up the file. Also ran super validate.

Thinking it might have something to do with dropbox syncing, I paused that and rebooted the PC. Still can not manually copy. I tried to restore from one of the automatic backups in the Backup directory, and get the pop-up "Quicken is unable to open the selected file", advising me to run Validate and Repair.

Any suggestions?



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    Hello @sjyagel

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your file/backups. OneDrive could potentially be the culprit of our issues as it is something we generally avoid syncing directly to since information could get mixed up with their syncing process. 

    One step we can try taking here is to move your Quicken file to a folder that is currently not being synced to any cloud. This should give us a better idea what might be happening to the file. I would also recommend bringing one of the automatic backups as well. 

    Try to perform the same steps in the moved files and see if you receive the same errors again. From there we'll see what our next steps are.


    Quicken Francisco