Incorrect Auto Loan Balance From Capitol One

When I initially downloaded information for my two Capitol One accounts, a credit card and a car loan, the credit card balance accurately showed a zero balance. The auto loan is listed as “Property and Debt,” which is correct but is shown as “Paid Off” with a zero balance, which is incorrect (there is actually a balance). What is wrong?

All of my downloads from four financial institutions work except for Capitol One.
This started when my accounts and their data disappeared. I think that a new version of Quicken must have downloaded because it looks and works a little different. I set up my accounts again with no problems except for Capitol One.


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    Hello @richardcd

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your loan. With loans it's a bit different since we aren't able to directly control the transactions inside of the account when they're connected to an online account.

     In this case we have two things we can attempt with the first one being to delete the account and re add it. We're unable to relink it as loan accounts in Quicken are unable to be relinked so we would need to remake it entirely.

    The other option is to restore a backup to where it worked prior. This option is a bit simpler to do if you haven't already tried it. If you have made any recent changes though you'll likely need to do them again.

    Depending what option you would like to try let us know and we'll list the steps needed in order to attempt either.


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