What's Happening in the Quicken Community September '21 Edition

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      .      There’s a lot going on in the community.  Among the user-to-user conversations, the Moderation team, will announce new product releases, share known product or online banking issues, and more.

The Alerts, Known Product & Online Banking category is a great place to check if you are receiving an error or experiencing an issue in Quicken, but with everything going on, it can be easy to miss a post that might be relevant to you.

So, how do you follow the information you are interested in without receiving notifications for everything you are not? 

Following categories and setting your notification preferences ensures you can easily follow the conversations or topics you want, get notified for issues and find new topics or conversations without getting notices for things you aren’t interested in.

Following categories is simple, choose the category you wish you follow from the Category List, for example, Alerts, Known Product & Online Banking Issues.  Click on the bell icon and choose whether you’d like to be notified for all new conversations or new conversations and comments.

Once the category follow options are selected, just set your notifications preferences in your community profile for what you’d like to receive a notification for and how. 

If you aren’t interested in following every post in a category and instead want to follow just one post, bookmark it!

Bookmarking a post will allow you to easily find it again in the community and you can automatically receive notifications when a new comment is added.  If you haven’t commented on the post and no longer wish to follow it, just click the bookmark icon again to stop following the post to stop any notifications.

However, if you have commented on that thread and have your preferences set to notify you for conversations that you’ve commented in, you will continue to receive notifications.

Lastly, the community search was recently updated to include new filtering options, improve, and refine the search results, allowing you to more easily find what you are looking for.

Quicken for Windows (US) R35

  • New: A new dashboard is available with new snapshots including Top Spending CategoriesTop Payees, Uncategorized Transactions, Recent Transactions, Investment Top Movers and Portfolio Value. This dashboard will be the default for new customers.

  • New: Added a Don't update memo when downloading option for customers who do not want their memos overwritten. The option is available under Account Details Online Services.

  • New: Added the menu option to Pay with Bill Manager for customers using Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Starter.  Choosing this option will give you the opportunity to purchase Bill Manager as an add-on or to upgrade to Quicken Premier to meet your bill payment needs.

  • New: For investment customers, the graph on the Security Detail View now optionally includes indicators for when the number of shares of the security increased or decreased.

Quicken for Mac (6.3.3)

  • New investment dashboard and simple investment tracking
  • Budget detailed mortgage payments and auto-reconcile accounts
  • Better indicators and notifications to be able to take action faster
  • New early access feature and the beginnings of Dark Mode
To see the full release notes, open Quicken and go to Help > Release Notes.