Using Quicken Bill Pay with Chase accounts

Anyone know how to enable Quicken Bill Pay using a Chase checking account?

The Chase website says to "To activate financial management software (like Quicken® and QuickBooks®) and let them access your Chase accounts, go to the person icon in the top right corner and choose "Profile and settings." Then, from the left side menu, choose "AccountSafeSM" and "Desktop apps." Choose "Continue" and "Set it up" to connect the software."

Unfortunately, there is no selection called "AccountSafeSM" on the indicated site.


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    Unfortunately Chase has changed these menus a few times so the instructions are lagging.
    I notice that even if I search for Quicken on the Chase site it sends you to the Profile & Settings, but this setting is now in the Security Center.

    To get there click:

    And then:

    From there you select:

    Note make sure you have Quicken setup for Direct Connect.  You can only use "Bank Bill Pay" if you are setup for Direct Connect.  And I suspect that you are setup for Express Web Connect because Chase requires you to do the above enabling of "Desktop software" for you to even use Direct Connect for any account whether it isn't going to use bill pay or not.

    If you aren't setup for Direct Connect deactivate all your accounts and the select the + icon on the account bar to start Add Accounts, and be sure to select the Advanced Options link so that you can ensure that Direct Connect is selected.  And make sure you link to your existing accounts instead of adding them when asked.

    I'm not sure if "Bank Bill Pay" will automatically be turned on in Quicken, if not you should be able to turn it on, on the Online Services tab for your checking account.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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    Thank you!
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    OL-301-A Error with Chase checking and Direct Connect Bill Pay
    I recently opened a new checking account with Chase and after authorizing Quicken using the Desktop Software control under Accounts/Security and Privacy (as mentioned above) I was able to establish a Direct Connect with Chase and download transactions but if I tried to send a payment from the register with Direct Connect Bill Pay I would get the OL-301-A with this text :
    Your financial institution has rejected your request. Additional information from your financial
    institution: USER NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCESS THE SYSTEM WITH THIS APPLICATION[OL-301-A] (details of the specific transaction)
    Calls to Chase support showed everything was OK with Bill Pay enabled. Desperate after escalating the issue with no result, I went to the Chase Web site and sent a test payment from there - with no problem. The I went back and tried to send the Direct Connect payment from Quicken and it now worked! No error. Apparently sending a test payment from the web site completes something in the initialization of Bill Pay that allows Direct Connect Bill Pay to work. I’ve since sent a half dozen more payments using Quicken with no errors.
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