Quicken for Windows Update R35.31 - Is anyone else having an issue with it accepting your password?

I changed my Quicken Data File Password in mid-June. I have had 2 Quicken updates since then without any problem. Yesterday, Quicken Updated to R35.31 and once finished, would not accept my password that I have used successfully since mid-June. After working with the Quicken On-Line "Help" for almost an hour, the only Back-Up File that would work is from a couple weeks after I changed the password, 06/28/21, even though there were about a dozen other back-up files dated through 08/30/21. R35.31 has caused me to lose over 2 months of data. This is extremely annoying. I have been using Quicken since 1997, but over the last few years I have not been able to go a year without a problem. Thank God I only use this program for personal use and not a business. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. And, YES, I have rebooted Windows and tried all the troubleshooting methods mentioned on-line.