Lifetime Planner IDEA: Add Plan Results Data Tables Under Plan Results Graph

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Lifetime Planner IDEA:  Add Plan Results Data Tables Under Plan Results Graph


In Lifetime Planner, under the Plan Results graph, add 4 dropdowns or "portlets" to display the entire set (subset) of plan results data in table format.    Image 1 and 2.  

LTP data tables to add:

Summary (Cashflows) Table

Expense (Outflows) Table

Income (Inflows) Table

Portfolio (Accounts) Table

IMAGE 1 - Add access to expanded LTP results data :  Click or open in new tab to expand image.

IMAGE 2 - Validate assumptions easier/faster by viewing entire plan results data set (or subset):  Click or open in new tab to expand image.

Please consider VOTING on this IDEA as a step to modernizing Lifetime Planner !   The Quicken Product team needs to hear from you on what is important when it comes to application improvements and fixes !  Voting helps.


This idea allows for quick, efficient and big picture review of plan results data from changes made in plan assumptions.  Validating assumption changes in this way helps lead to fewer user mistakes/misunderstandings/frustrations when using LTP.  For curious LTP users, it improves overall understanding, in a deeper way than viewing the graph alone, of how assumptions and scenarios impact their forecasted retirement readiness.  

Currently, Lifetime Planner (LTP) allows the user to narrowly view only year-by-year data details (Expense, Income, Portfolio) of the plan result graph by clicking on any given year.  This results in a very isolated view and inefficient use when iterating assumptions and attempting to understand the graphs' result.

Some additional thoughts....  

Note that this type of feature is VERY COMMON in both consumer (free and paid) and professional level financial planning tools!  

The new table development should....
  • use data and labels consistent with existing Plan Result tables
  • respect the "Today/Future" dollars setting in the Plan Results graph
  • be scrollable.
  • be user transposable (year and age in column,  categories in row and vise-versa)
  • allow "export to excel" feature
  • allow drilldowns of categories, exposing additional table of subcategory details.  Display breadcrumbs (or other navigation techniques) so that the user can easily navigate back to higher levels.  ex:  Income>Social Security>Your Social Security and Spouse Social Security
  • be a priority with a graphical view added in future sprints
  • retain current the year-by-year plan results table
  • et al!

Just FYI.... There are 2 idea posts that deal with similar requests (access to planning results data) that are complimentary to the above idea post. 

Export to Excel for further analysis and manipulation

Printout a Formal Report

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  • garysmith87
    garysmith87 Member ✭✭✭✭
    When will Quicken get around to updating the Lifetime Planner to show the actual Required Minimum Distribution age?  That, to me, is a complete oversight now that the age for RMD's has changed for most users.  And it's been over a year since the new age has become law.  

    Please change this, Quicken!
  • pdq
    pdq Member ✭✭
    This would be nice but is somewhat cosmetic so not as important as saving multiple scenarios and other ideas you've added.