Error running Quicken please re-install (2016 Canadian Home and Business)

Hello, This seems like a common thread however I have not been able to find quite the same issue we are facing so please forgive me if this has been answered already.

Situation: New windows computer, old one was running 2016 Home and Business Canadian. I think it was originally bought as a download since I can't seem to find a CD and a download is something I would have done. I found a copy of 2016 H&B on after Quicken support told me there was nothing they could do to help!

This installed correctly but redirected me to the Inuit site for login which doesn't work of course. So, I found and installed the Mondo 7.2 patch (latest Canadian patch I believe?). When I tried to run it there was a simple "There is a problem with your Quicken installation please re-install Quicken".

So I went through the process again, same result.
Then I tried a complete uninstall using the Qcleanui tool followed by a complete re-install and patch while offline.

Same error when trying to run the program. Could the problem be the base version I am using is not "Canadian" but the patch is?

If so, is there a location to download the Canadian base version or is there some other thing I may be missing?

Thanks for any help, sympathy or clues to get us back running!!
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