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It would be helpful if in the "Help" menu there could be a quick index on the different icons and highlighters within Quicken. Example Help/Index/List the Icons and what they mean. Icons like... Red circle with exclamation, blue circle with links, green circle with $, different color pencils, orange dot next to account...
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I think this mostly exists on this Help page:


    It doesn't cover every icon in Quicken, but it hits the dots and colored pencils and envelopes. I'm sure there are some which need to be added; perhaps adding such items in this thread could be used to make suggestions to the team which handles Quicken Help.

    I think the other good idea here is a quick link at the top level of Help to this page. Many users probably don't find their way to Basics > Learning about registers > Status icons in your Quicken account register.
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  • markhadden
    markhadden Member
    I would love to see icons in the upper bar area for quick and efficient use of my most used commands like Quicken for Mac 2007, so much faster and easier.