New Dashboard Display- Portfolio Value, have Quicken remember Y-axis at Zero (unchecked)

Greg Semple
Greg Semple Member ✭✭✭✭
The latest update (September 2021) adds the Dashboard to the Home tab. I like the view but I'm annoyed that the Portfolio window does not remember that I don't what Y-axis at Zero checked every time I open Quicken. Quicken remembers the timeframe I select but not this filter. For the life of me I can't understand who would want to view their portfolio in this view. One of 2 things, remove the filter or have Quicken remember that I don't want the filter box checked. 
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  • Amy
    Amy Member ✭✭
    This option to the new Home Dashboard Portfolio is a wonderful addition to the graphing functionality of Quicken. Please move this great feature to the Security Detail View graphs as soon as possible, AND default its setting to off. So far, the only thing I can find that is optimized for the Y-Axis to be defaulted to ZERO is when an investor writes Puts and Calls options, both of which the investor hopes their value will go to ZERO, otherwise, ZERO is the last value I want to see. Graphs are most functional for visualizing trends when the Y-axis spans the range of data values for the date range specified.