Ally Bank fails to download IRA's but money markets are OK

Ally Bank refuses to offer downloads of my IRA's even though my money market accounts are recognized and download just fine.  Web connect still works for IRA's but that's a pain because I have to perform each download manually.  Ally's tech support claims that the downloads will work if one somehow lies within Quicken so the IRA account is treated like a money market, but I can't find anything to change other than the account type, e.g., change savings to, say, spending.  I can't even find a way to lie and call it a checking account.  Any ideas?


  • UKR
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    An IRA account held at a bank cannot be defined in Quicken as if it was an IRA investment account held at a brokerage.
    Existing account registers in Quicken cannot be changed from one Account Type to another.
    Define the IRA account as an offline (manual) Savings account and, in Edit Account Details, change "Tax deferred" to Yes. Also change "Account Intent" (on the Display options tab) to "Retirement".
    Once defined you can try to to activate it for downloading and LINK the new account register to the bank's IRA account. If that doesn't work, maintain the account as an offline account and manually record any transactions as needed.
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