New User Experience: Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Connection

I'm a new user. After spending (literally) hours with a nice service representative, my connection with MSSB Wealth Management WILL NOT HAPPEN. What is going on? Why is this taking so long? Does anyone "get it" at QUICKEN?


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    Hello @BGKATY

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues connecting to your Morgan Stanely account. I'm wondering have you taken the steps on the website in order to connect your account just yet? If not I can leave a photo down below with instructions on what exactly to do.


    If you have can you let us know what exactly is happening when you're trying to connect it? From there we can figure out our next steps. 


    Quicken Francisco

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    Thank you, Francisco. I'm afraid the photo is non-specific. What website? Can you provide a bit more instruction and context?
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    BGKATY said:
    Thank you, Francisco. I'm afraid the photo is non-specific. What website? Can you provide a bit more instruction and context?

    I have looked and can find nothing on the MS site which resembles Quicken's suggestion to "enable acct". I believe this instruction is out of date.
    There is only one path I can find to contact a person at MS who understands Quicken. That's via their internal email. Try that.

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    Ah. I see it now, apologies. There is NO opportunity to put in the 9 digit number. See attached snip of screen.
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    Hello @BGKATY

    Thank you for the additional information and screenshot. The nine-digit account number needs to be entered only if you are being prompted. Otherwise, please attempt to connect using your Morgan Stanley username/ID and password. 

    Hope this provides clarity. Let us know if you get any errors or have questions. 

    -Quicken Paloma 
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    Let's be clear: it doesn't prompt me, and it still doesn't work. This feels like we're going around in circles. Let's be clear about my experience:

    1: I spent HOURS (check the call logs) with Quicken trying everything months ago. Actually, the Quicken rep was really nice and she was trying everything she could think of.

    2: They "escalated" the issue. Issued a random number. Nothing yet, no communication, no follow up call, nothing.

    3: As a last resort, I've tried this discussion forum. The answer? Put in the account number from MSSB in - but there is no prompt to do so. The answer now? Well, only if prompted.

    I see that others are having a similar problem (MSSB connectivity issues, Quicken crashing). You would think that a problem with MSSB would be large enough to warrant attention. I see that Mr. Squirrel (above) suggested to contact MSSB. I'll do that. In the meantime, I'd appreciate more follow up from Quicken. Anything. Something. Call me - you have my number. Gotta say that I like Quicken and hate it all at the same time.