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    I have a similar, though not identical issue. In Quicken Help, under the heading Reset all my data on the Quicken Cloud, it says, "Your cloud data is not permanently deleted. When you reset cloud data, the following information is deleted and then immediately restored on the Quicken cloud . . . Transaction history that belong to these accounts and have _dates not earlier than 2 years from your cloud registration time_". Does this mean that transactions older than 2 years are not synced with Quicken Cloud? Should I be concerned about this? Is the only implication that the older transactions won't appear in Quicken Mobile, or is there more to it?

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    @Terry Morse
    Whenever you start syncing to the cloud dataset or if you reset it, it transfers 2 years worth of data.
    But after that it still keeps the data that is there.  So a given person might have say 3 years or more data if it has been more than a year since either of these events happened.

    Is this of any concern?

    Well let say there is a person that is trying to use Mobile/Web for more than a "current snapshot" of their finances, and at times is actually looking back at data older than 2 years.  They might not like the fact that their data just got pruned back to 2 years.

    On the other hand the cloud dataset is always just a partial copy of your Quicken Desktop top data file, and as such it shouldn't be much of a surprise that it doesn't have it all.

    Personally I would be more concerned with the fact that I had to do a Reset in the first place.  That implies that something about the process doesn't work reliably.
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