Problem with Reports: Transfer to foreign currency account

thompson87 Member ✭✭
EDIT: Problem solved. I was forgetting about the transfer fee, which means that the deduction from my US dollar account is not the same as the amount used for the transfer. The report is correct as is. I'd like to delete this discussion but I'm not sure how.

I'm running a transaction report (cash flow organization) where I want to show transfers from my US dollar checking account to my Canadian dollar checking account at a different institution. The transfer was via and so when I entered the transaction in the US dollar account I was prompted for the Canadian dollar amount and entered it. So far, so good.

Now I want a report that includes these transfers. I want the report to be in US dollars. I select the US dollar account in the account filter and the Canadian dollar account in the category filter. This causes the transfers to show up. But the dollar amounts are wrong. They do not match either the original US dollar amount (which is what I want) or the Canadian dollar amount that was deposited in the foreign account. Instead, the report seems to be giving me the US dollar equivalent of the Canadian amount at today's exchange rate rather than the one used for the transaction. Can anyone suggest a fix?