Register reports remain filtered by tags even when we request no filtering of tags

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I see that in the Customize Report window, the Categories, Payees and Tags tabs have radio buttons to switch between showing all categories/payees/tags vs. showing just selected ones.

But this selection seems to go awry in this particular circumstance. Here is how I reproduced the issue:

1. I created a test transaction, including a tag ("trans", which I use for transportation expenses); see attached "1-test transaction.png". The Category I used was "2e".

2. I select this transaction in the register, and then run a Register Report based on it, via the More Reports menu item; see "2-run report.png".

Also note that in the menu for this, the actual text reads "Amount spent on 2e/trans" -- I guess that is a throwback to the old days when we used to enter Tags (Classes) in the register by appending them to the Category with a slash in between.

3. The report runs, and it winds up filtered for both the "2e" Category and the "trans" Tag; see "3-report result.png". I'm guessing this is because both the Category and Tag for that transaction were detected by that menu item I chose in Step 2.

4. However, there's an inconsistency here, which I think could be considered a bug, though could be worked around. If I go to the customize window, it shows that in this report we are supposed to be including all Categories ("4-customize categories - all.png") and all Tags ("4-customize tags - all.png").

If I happen to check the Payees tab, though, it does still show that we are in fact still filtering by category; see "4-still shows selected category.png". I think it makes things confusing to have this radio button now for all vs. selected categories in the Categories tab and yet still have the Categories filtering box on the Payees tab, because now which should take precedence when the selections on these two tabs disagree with each other?

5. If I clear out that Category filter from the Payees tab, now as I expected I'll get all Categories appearing in my report. But, unfortunately, this report is still filtered by Tag, as I now see only transactions with that "trans" tag in them. See "5-all categories in report but still filtered by tag.png"

6. If I go back to the Customize window and to the Tags tab, the radio button still indicates we're showing all Tags, as was the case in Step 4.

But if I now switch that radio button to filter by Tags, now I do see that here we are filtering by Tag, and that "trans" is the only one selected; see "6-tags still filtered only on other radio button.png"

7. If I go onto that tab and Select All from the list of Tags -- but we can only do this while we still have that second radio button which allows the filtering on the Tags tab -- now my report finally includes all Tags ("7-now showing all tags.png")

So, I think this is a possible bug in the software, partly because of what I mentioned in Step 4, which has a workaround for those who figure it out, but especially because of what was mentioned in Step 5, because that Tags tab shows that the report isn't filtered by Tag, when in fact it is actually filtered by Tag but this fact is effectively being hidden with that radio button selection.

I am running Quicken Premier, with Windows 10, R35.31, Build


  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @rismanma

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your report. I was able to replicate the issue you're having but when I look at the report it seems to be working as intended. Is the part specifically about the tags not working properly after removing the payee the bug? 

    This seems to be due to the report selected specifying the tag selected but showing the wrong option. When you do this could you check if you select the "include only transactions with the selected tags" option if it only selects the specified tag? Additionally, you do the same with the categories it should have the same matching category as the payee tab. 

    Once you get a chance let us know if you're seeing the same thing as us. If you have any questions please let us know.


    Quicken Francisco

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