Sales Tax is made a split transaction when Importing Inovice (Account Receivable) Transactions

I am using the Canadian edition of Quicken Home & Business version R 33.7.
I am trying to import invoice transactions but all my sales taxes appear as split item transfers to the *sales tax* account.
My plan was to export a valid invoice to a QIF file and then use that QIF file as a template for my imports.
Here is what I did:

I created an invoice with a taxable item, so when I enter it with a quantity of one, the tax appears in the Tax column on the same line as the item.

The invoice has one line (the item), the subtotal is the item price and there is a separate line for the sales tax:
Item Qty Rate Amount T Tax 1
X 1 35.50 35.50 H 4.62
Subtotals 35.50 4.62
Total 40.12

I exported the invoice in the parent accounts receiveable account to a QIF file

I imported the same QIF file back into the accounts receiveable account

The tax now appears as a separate split item with a transfer category as [*Sales Tax*] and the tax column for the item is now blank.
Item Qty Rate Amount T Tax 1
X 1 35.50 35.50 0.0 <--- Tax of zero
[*Sales Tax*] 4.62 <--- New split item
Subtotals 40.12 0.0
Total 40.12

How do I rig my QIF file to keep the sales tax on the same line as the item in an invoice?

Thank you reading my message and any ideas would be appreciated.
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    I don't know how you could solve this with QIF files.
    The following works in my US edition of Quicken and should also work in your Canadian version.
    Did you know that you can set up a Scheduled Reminder to make working with recurring invoices like monthly subscription fees easier?
    Just right-click an existing invoice and select "Add reminder" from the popup. Fill out the reminder setup dialog and you're done. When the reminder comes due select the Form button to enter the Invoice Form dialog, review the details, increment the invoice number, print the invoice and save.
    If it's an ad-hoc situation where you need a new invoice for someone who placed another order, just copy an existing invoice transaction (right-click and select Copy). Go to the new transaction line at the bottom of the register, right-click and select Paste. Click the green checkmark button in the Category field to go into the Invoice form dialog. Update the Invoice number to increment it to the next available number (Paste copies the original invoice number), review all other fields, print as needed, save. Done.
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