Never Ending Weekly Issues Between Quicken and Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU)

Again this week Quicken will not connect to NFCU. So far this year there has only been one week when there was not an issue with Quicken and updating accounts with NFCU. It appears that each week there are new/different issues and trying to maintain your accounts using Quicken One Step Update. "One Step" actually takes days and multiple steps. Often requiring you to deactivate all accounts and then re-activate them.

I have followed the many discussions here on this site about similar issues and performed every troubleshooting step provided by site experts. Very few ever work. If you wait 5 - 7 days Quicken will miraculously start working with NFCU. Never any posts from Quicken on what the issue was or corrective action taken.

It is becoming more and more frustrating using this program and wondering if Quicken is really doing all it can to maintain a Quality product and Program. From where I sit, Paying Customer, I do not see it.

So I ask - Quicken - What are you doing to resolve these issue once and for all. How are you working these problems to ensure customer satisfaction?

Before you deflect and start asking about what I use (System, version and such), making this my issue; I maintain this weekly and ensure I have all the latest updates. I am using Quicken Premier, Version R35.31; Build with Windows 10. I would add all the codes I've seen but that is not the issue, the issue is this is happening every week and they are never the same.


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    Frankly I don't think this is in Quicken Inc hands, and as such can do very little to help.
    You are in fact a customer of a customer.
    In other words:  Quicken Inc pays Intuit for this service.  It is Intuit and the financial institution that have to workout a viable reliable method to log in and get the information.  Some financial institutions are better at this than others.  But in any case for every time a problem like this is reported to Quicken support they basically then put in the request to Intuit to look into it.  How "concerned" Intuit is about getting it fixed is lets say "questionable".

    EDIT for the most part Express Web Connect is setup to fail.  How to connect to a given financial institution isn't standardized.  How to transfer the data isn't standardized.  What form of the data is in isn't standardized.  So how dependable all this is depends on the "agreements" that Intuit has with the financial institution, and how "stable" this "system" the financial institution/Intuit have setup works.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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