Process Improvement for the Subscription Auto-Renewal Process

I would like to submit an idea to improve the subscription auto-renewal process

My account was cancelled after the auto-renewal process failed twice due to outdated credit card information. One month prior to my auto-renewal date, I received an email indicating my account would be automatically renewed and I didn't need to do anything. It would have been nice if that email told me my credit card information was out of date and needed to be updated or else my account would be cancelled... or at least to remind me to check my credit card information.

You might ask, is this new idea worth implementing? A worthy question! Let me present the facts!!
* Yes. Although I should have remembered to do this when my card was renewed, remembering where all it has been stored and updating all of them is no small feat. This is where technology plays a wonderful role in our lives and alerts us of a potential bad situation before it takes place!
* Yes. While this feature may not add any product whiz-bang functionality, it sure would help your customers better manage their busy lives and not have to respond to unplanned emergencies when their accounts are cancelled - which is also one of the reasons we buy Quicken!!
* Yes. Although many of the Quicken product capabilities could be done with pencil, paper and file folders, it just works so much more slick and streamlined when Quicken can do it for you! So too would be the improvement I am suggesting ; )
* Yes. Not only could the cost to implement this wonderful feature be spread across all the Quicken platforms, It would also create such dramatic improvements in customer satisfaction, your customers will be smiling and jumping up and down as they give you more money while watching their subscriptions be seamlessly auto-renewed without having to panic and go reestablish their account that has been cancelled!!!

Well, that is my new idea and all the supporting facts to make this the number 1 idea to get implemented immediately... or at least before my credit card needs to be updated again!!


P.S. My guess is that if you asked your customers to vote if they would love to have this new idea implemented immediately, you would get 100% agreement from all your customers... or at least those users whose accounts were automatically cancelled due to expired credit cards!! : )
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