Contemplating Moving from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac

I am contemplating migrating from Windows to Mac, but for years have considered moving from Q-WIN to Q-MAC to be too significant of a step backwards and I didn't want to bother running Windows in a VM just to run Q-WIN on a Mac, so I've remained on Windows so far.

As time has passed, my thinking has evolved to the point where now I'm fairly convinced Q-MAC has the functionality that matters to me and on top of that perhaps a growing advantage -- stability. Unless I'm misinformed, I take it the current version of Q-MAC that supports the M1 chip is a fairly modern app built on relatively new code/tools, whereas Q-WIN is built on multiple decades-old layers of legacy code that seems to make basic operations (opening files, checking for updates, running One-Step updates) unreliable and unpredictable. Overall it seems Q-WIN has become less stable with time, making me think Q-MAC may actually be the better solution for me at this point.

Looking for any perspective one might have to share on this.



  • splasher
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    With subscription Quicken, you have access to both the Win & Mac versions.  You can export a .QXF file in Win and import it into Mac.  So, you can try it with minimal pain and see if it suits your needs.
    -splasher  using Q since 1996 -  Subscription  -  Win10
    -also older versions as needed for testing
    -Questions? Check out the  Quicken Windows FAQ list
  • Don Awalt
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    Note - if you have any BoughtX or SoldX investment transactions under QWin, the converted file on the Mac will be grossly in error - they have not added BoughtX/SoldX transactions to the QMac as far as I know.
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    Don Awalt said:
    Note - if you have any BoughtX or SoldX investment transactions under QWin, the converted file on the Mac will be grossly in error - they have not added BoughtX/SoldX transactions to the QMac as far as I know.
    In the same vain.  Quicken Mac doesn't have support for "Show cash in a checking account".
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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  • Mike I.
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    Sharing my weekend experiences moving from Windows to Mac.
    - Have been using Quicken since 1993, with transaction/investment data back to 1990, in my 262MB QWin Data File
    - QMac Deluxe does NOT have the same level of Investment Tracking capabilities. Suggest to pay extra for Premier since you will be doing alot of work during the migration.
    - Clean up your QWin data file. I spent 5+ hours straight with a very helpful Q Support Supervisor on Saturday. After all of this time, here are some thoughts:
    1. Follow the steps. Run Super Validate and clean up ALL of the issues. Especially as mentioned about BoughtX and SoldX. Use Quicken Transfer Format, and then you open QMac select Import from Quicken Windows. Suggest doing migration on a weekend, so that your last download in QWin and stock update will exactly match your QMac for comparison purposes.
    2. If you find your self in QMac with an investment account that is not updating Cash Balance, go to the oldest transaction and Save it, QMac will ask you if you want to update and track Cash simple as that.
    3. As mentioned here as well, if your file is too big, make a smaller date range and full range backup while still in QWin, you can not do this in QMac. You can then migrate both files to QMac and if you need to search way back in time, you can open the Full Archive file.
    4. BEFORE running your first Transaction Download, be sure to set your preferences on Payee Memorization and Renaming, QMac memorized EVERY Payee back to 1990, and Renamed Payee's with an assumed Category based on the Payee Name.....if you mess up, turn on FITID column in the Register, you can sort on this to clean up your account
    5. I found several Credit Card and Checking individual transactions that did not migrate. To find these, it takes time, but you can spot them by sorting your QWin file account registers by amount, then the same for QMac after migration, scrolling you can spot them.

    Will share any other useful information as I progress.
    I really like the QMac format and the Mac OS environment after 30+ years of only Windows. The MAcBook Air with M1Processor is very fast and if you have iPhone and iPad, all of it syncs and updates easily.
  • Don Awalt
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    @Mike I. how did you resolve bought/soldx transactions that will not convert across? I have hundreds of them over 20 years….
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