1 Month Budget Sub Category Collapse

I think it would be a helpful enhancement to make the 1 month budget sub-categories collapsable just as it is available in the 12 month budget. This would allow a quick view overall and if details are needed then un-collapse that category. I have many categories in my budget and it can become tedious looking at all the sub-categories. The sub-categories can give false impression of overspending in general. There may be an over-budget in 1 or 2 sub-categories but over all there is an underspend and this is more important. I only have a few seconds to glance and then move on this would make it easier to spend less time sifting through details. I like to see the big picture overall and then if needed drill into the details when needed.
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  • Yes please. The 1 month budget view could use a lot of work in general, but collapsible subcategories would be a wonderful start. 
  • Fozzy
    Fozzy Unconfirmed, Member
    I use sub-categories fairly extensively, and I like to set individual budget amounts for each sub-category (rather than for the entire category). However when viewing the budget, I'd like to be able to view it in a more condensed form where only top level categories are shown. Currently there does not appear to be a way to do this, so I am requesting this feature. Seems like it would be pretty simple, just add an expand/collapse subcategory toggle button. Thank you, really loving this product after switching over from 20 years of using Quicken Windows.
  • Fozzy
    Fozzy Unconfirmed, Member
    This would definitely be a big improvement, please add this feature. (I just added a discussion item requesting this feature myself, but just found this request from 18 months ago so will link it to mine).