Quicken Bill Manager: Error message stating, "unable to add payment account."

I attempting to use the "Quick Pay" feature; however, I am being prevented from adding a payment account to Quicken Bill Manager, and when attempting to enable an online bank account to use this feature, I receive an error message stating, "unable to add payment account." I have added multiple online bills as required. I have also deactivated/reactivated all accounts at this financial institution several times, refreshed the FI profile info under online payees, repaired the quicken file, made a new copy of the file, restored from a backup, reset cloud sync, updated Windows, and updated Quicken. Does anyone have any other advice to help me resolve my repeated error? Thanks. Lauren


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    It might help to know the name of the bank you're trying to set up as Bill Pay account and if you're trying to set up a checking account or something else.
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