Use check number in matching downloaded transactions (Q Mac)

I often have several outstanding checks with the same amount, and Quicken inevitably matches a cleared downloaded check to the wrong one, when there is a strong piece of evidence it could use to avoid this problem: the check number. Why on earth is it still not using it?
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  • UKR
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    $64 - question: Does your bank download a recognizable check number in the designated check number field, not as part of the Payee Name (e.g., Check #1234)?
  • gsakal02134
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    This is a really annoying problem, made even worse with many year-end donations of the same amount. When matching downloaded transactions from my bank, Quicken apparently ignores the check number, as well as the date, and just matches on the first instance of the amount. This means that I must UNmatch these transactions, and the match them manually.

    Is there a way to configure transaction-matching so that it defaults to check number? If there isn't, there should be.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Is there a way to configure transaction-matching so that it defaults to check number?

    Quicken's matching algorithm is unpublished and undisclosed, so users are often left guessing why some transactions match correctly and some don't. I believe some of this is because they have hard-coded some unique matching for certain financial institutions which download their transactions in some problematic way which Quicken needs to understand and fix.
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  • UKR
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    I think, the important part of this question is: If you're connected to your bank using the Express Web Connect method (aka Web Connect on the Mac), is the "screen scrape process" used by Intuit able to recognize a check number when reading the bank's transaction detail data and include that in the downloaded data file's check number field?
    You may need to raise an Online Banking problem with Quicken Support specific to your bank and its inability to download check numbers.
    I have a problem with my local bank, a Credit Union. For the last few months, I no longer get check numbers as part of my transaction downloads, too, and may have to report a problem myself.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    My bank is also not presenting check numbers in Quicken. I worked with a very competent support agent to work through that the check number is correctly encoded in a downloaded QFX file, but is not being imported when downloading via Quicken Connect (EWC). So either the bank's separate download to Intuit's servers is missing the check number, or Intuit's mapping for the check number field is incorrect for this bank. Supposedly it's been escalate. I'm not holding my breath for a fix. (This is why I generally enter my transactions manually; the time I spent troubleshooting this one issue -- just for testing purposes -- exceed what I'd spend entering a few months of transactions manually. ;)
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  • mvitulli
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    i have the same exact problem. I am using Quicken for Mac and have the subscription. Everything is up to date. I too wrote many charitable donations checks and Quicken isn't matching. Like UKR, my experience is that Quicken just matches the check amount, not the check number. PLEASE FIX THIS, QUICKEN TEAM!
  • JimKaff
    JimKaff Member
    I have this issue as well. I write a regular (weekly) check to a Payee. When Quicken for Windows downloads from my bank the rename pop-up shows the correct check number, but Quicken matches it to a more recent check number of the same Payee and amount (both uncleared). I have to manually unmatch it and rematch it to the correct check number. A secondary check in Quicken should be added to match check number in cases with the same Payee and amount.