Avoid the Quicken Branded/ US Bank Master Card at all costs [Edited]

The Quicken Branded US Bank MC is by far the worst credit card experience I have ever suffered.
1) It was insufferable just to get the Quicken MC to download transactions to Quicken .. ---Had to use alternate credentials and visit a mystic just get get the magic numbers to make it work (Hint, it's not the actual Username and Password you setup with US Bank -- like every other CC I've ever used with Quicken uses)
2) If Quicken ever glitches and loses the direct connection to US Bank, you will never get it back. Contacting US Bank and/or Quicken is less than useless
3) Every other time you access your Quicken MC account with US Bank (Now that Direct access is impossible to reinstate) You are stopped with a message page to connect your account to PayPal and the only options are a) Yes I will or b) remind me later
4) The US Bank Quicken MC Webpage functions/looks like it was made in 1990 by interns from the community college.