My QXF file thinks it is in USD, It isn't and I don't want to convert anything.

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When I import the file, it switches to USD, tries to convert every transaction from CAD to USD or USD to CAD, I'm not sure. I don't want any numbers changed. I just want to import them.


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    Are you talking about QFX files to download transactions from a bank and import this file into Quicken?
    QXF files are a different kind of animal, used for transferring Quicken data files.
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    Make sure that the QFX file indeed is coded for the currency that lines up with the currency in the account.
    You can edit a QFX file with a text editor and the field you are looking for is <CURDEF>.
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    What financial institution(s) are you downloading from that have this issue?  We need the name as used in Quicken, which can be found at TOOLS, Account List.
    At the FI, are these CAD accounts, or USD accounts?
    How are you downloading from them (Direct Connect, Express Web Connect, Web Connect)? This is also at Tools, Account List
    What type(s) of accounts are having this issue?
    Since you're running Q Cda, I'd assume that you have this accounts set up in Q as CAD.  Is that correct?

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