How to purchase Quicken with PayPal?

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Tried to purchase quicken using PayPal. Tried three different browsers without success. The PayPal part works but when I click the "Submit" button nothing happens. I got on with Quicken Chat and the person there said try using a credit card and could offer no other help. So, no purchasing Quicken with PayPal eh?


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    Hello @MorkV

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having difficulties using your Paypal to purchase Quicken. Unfortunately, I was unable to recreate the issue on my end. To better assist you I need clarification on a few things. When you state "nothing happens" could you elaborate further, please? Does it stay idle, go around in a loop, not allow the Paypal popup? Also please ensure that pop-ups are allowed as well. Lastly, is this a first-time purchase or a renewal? 

    Please elaborate. Once more information is gathered we can move forward in diagnosing the issue at hand. 

    -Quicken Paloma 
  • I have this same issue.
    - I click the yellow PayPal checkout button
    - PayPal popup window appears
    - I make selections, and click "Agree and Continue" within the PayPal popup window
    - The PayPal popup window closes
    - To the left of the yellow PayPal button, I now see my "PayPal myemail address"
    - I click the blue Submit Order button
    - The Submit Order button turns light blue momentarily
    Nothing else happens. I do not advance to "Complete."

    Same experience on multiple browsers.
  • One more clue I can offer. After clicking the Submit Order button, my street address disappears from the screen. It had appeared to the left of the blue Submit Order button. It disappears when going through this process, at the point when the Submit Order button is clicked.

    No ad blockers running.
    No pop-up blocker.
    No joy on Chrome. None in Edge.
    Did a clean new install of the Firefox browser and got the same result.
    Tried another computer. Same result.

    Did turn on Developer Tools in Chrome to see what is happening. No joy there, though the list of places you are sending data is interesting.
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    Hello @JenniferJ

    Thank you for letting us know you're having a similar issue. If you don't mind could we get some more info to see if we're able to narrow down the issue? Could you list step-by-step instructions on how you're renewing starting with the web link if you're renewing from a browser? Also while you aren't the original user are you trying to purchase on the US site or CA site as well. If you are using the program then trying to renew from within the program let us know exactly where you're clicking to renew.

    Please let us know the path you take and we'll see what we can do to replicate the issue.

    Quicken Francisco
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