Option to stop placeholder entries and adjusting entries

I am scrupulous with managing every transaction. So I don't like it when Quicken, on its own, adds transactions. I have some accounts that quicken insists on adding these every time I do a one-step update. (Merrill Lynch calls cash balance by 3 names, like they use various money market account--and they are always adjusting the balance). Quicken can't handle this and adds placeholder entries and balance adjustments (which don't even tie). Please add option to turn off automatic adding of placeholder entries
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  • Jim_Harman
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    There are already options to control placeholder creation. If you go to Edit > Preferences > Downloaded transactions, you can use the Compare Account Portfolio after Download option to control whether Quicken compares your holdings to the downloaded share counts. You can set this on a per account basis.

    Also if you review transactions one at a time and then click Done rather than clicking Accept All or having the transactions accepted automatically, even if Quicken does the comparison, you can choose to not have Placeholders created.

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