Prevent auto-creation of new categories in Quick for Mac

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If, say, you happen to enter a category label that doesn't exist, Quicken will create it without asking if you are actually intending to create a new category. Which makes it easy to accidentally create new categories, which then need to be manually ferreted out once you discover them.

A typical example would be, you have a category for INCOME and a subcategory for INCOME:Interest. You download an interest income transaction from your bank, enter "Interest" in the category column, and then Quicken automatically creates a new INTEREST category (when you actually wanted to use your existing INCOME:Interest category) and doesn't inform the user that a new category was created.

With no way to turn off this capability, it's easy to use incorrect categorization for months. This issue does not exist in Quicken for Windows (as I recall). Mac needs a way to prevent auto-creation of categories that may have been unintended.
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