Smaller scalable windows (in Q Mac)

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I use a Macbook Air 13" and would really like to be able to make windows smaller to that I can open a browser window and not have to toggle between quicken and my browser window. Even the ability to make columns smaller and have the windows scale done more would be helpful.
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  • jacobs
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    @ksn67 While you can't currently make windows smaller than their minimum size, you can make columns narrower, and you can make font size smaller (which facilitates making columns narrower).
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  • I use a desktop Mac and two displays. With Safari I can make any window smaller so it will fit in my smaller display. Quicken's minimum size doesn't allow me to do this . . . the minimum window size/narrower columns/smaller fonts still won't fit in my smaller display. So using Quicken currently doesn't allow me to make use of both of my displays. Please make your windows fully scalable. Thank you.