allow manual match of reminder to downloaded transaction

There are often times when a downloaded transaction doesn't match a reminder. It would be nice that when you look at reminders that are overdue you could match them to the already downloaded transaction. Right now you can only choose skip which causes some other things to got out of sync (like estimated payments, etc) or let Quicken enter it and delete the downloaded transaction.
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  • UKR
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    May I recommend that you review and record due and past due reminders BEFORE you download transactions from the bank possibly containing transactions for these reminders?
    If you are downloading and automatically accepting downloaded transactions into your registers, you are forcing Quicken to dump transactions into your registers without the "is this the transaction for [reminder]?" check. Perhaps turning auto-accept off for this account register and then manually reviewing and accepting them one by one would give you better results.
  • tnsprin
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    edited October 7
    Note I don't have auto accept on. But as i said the check "is this the transaction for" is not always working. Don't know why as they entries look the same to me.

    Obviously if I realize this is about to happen, I do switch to first entering the reminder to avoid the problem.
  • jtgostars
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    I agree with tnsprin, I see this issue at least a couple of times a week.