What's Happening in the Quicken Community October '21 Edition

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The Quicken Community is a home for Quicken users to ask other users questions, troubleshooting tips, advice, or best practice tips.  You will also find status updates on known issues or can report a problem you are experiencing with the software.

Did you also know that there are different user roles here in the community? 

SuperUser - these are other users with a master-level understanding of Quicken, who have answered hundreds (and thousands) of questions on the community; they will answer a wide variety of questions centering on how to use Quicken (anywhere from setting up accounts to tracking your investments).

Moderator - these are Quicken employees who are dedicated to moderating the community and answering questions; Moderators can help you with Quicken, but they can also work with you if you've got an issue with your Quicken order or questions about managing your Quicken.com account.  The Moderators will help guide you to support if they can't resolve your issue on the community, and they're available seven days a week--they'll always have the username "Quicken Name" such as "Quicken Kathryn".

Employee - these are also Quicken employees and Quicken experts, but they aren't focused full-time on the community; they'll come in and help on occasion, or to ask for product feedback.  Like moderators, they'll always have the username "Quicken Name" such as "Quicken Kathryn"

Member - a user is any registered member of the community who doesn't fall into the above groups; users can log in to the community and ask or answer questions. 

Beta Tester - a member of our private beta community, testing Quicken Windows, Mac, or Canada.

With all these different user roles, how do you know who you are speaking with?  Easy!  Each members role will be listed to the right of their Username –

The holidays will be here before you know it.  Plan ahead with holiday budget hacks from Lauren Tucker of ‘An Organized Life’.  See the full article and budget template in our Quicken Blog

In 2016, Quicken separated from Intuit and partnered with H.I.G. Capital to become Quicken, Inc.  Since that time, the company and product have grown, and we’ve made significant investments in our company, in an effort to help our customers continue to live healthy financial lives.

Now, Quicken, Inc. is transitioning from our partner H.I.G Capital to Aquiline Capital Partners LLC, a firm with extensive expertise in financial services and technology.  We’re all excited about our new partnership, and this next phase of Quicken, Inc.

Rest assured, there won’t be any change in our products or services.   Quicken is retaining its current management team and employees.  We expect this transition to be complete in October of this year.

Thanks to all of you for joining us on this journey!

Through the month of September we saw, 1,213 new discussions posted, with 5,358 comments shared and a total of 8,417 Active Users!