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 I was occasionally getting a requirement to log on with my Quicken ID -- that failed.  The failure dialogue said to try later --- and if it continues, to report it.

  After spending some time with tech support, we found that disconnecting the VPN  took care of the problem.

  I'll suggest adding some wording about the VPN thing on the **FIRST** popup, so casual VPN users can easily "fix it" and actually use the program.
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  • ernienet
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    I just figured that out - I was about to log in for support and thought I'd test one more thing - the VPN. And that turned out to be the problem that was causing One-Step Update to fail and for some of my registers to fail to load.

    So now we have to pause DropBox syncing (if we store our Quicken files in a DropBox folder), AND we have to disable VPN before we can use Quicken.

    There should be a category for Quicken conflicts so people don't waste so much time troubleshooting and calling on support.

    And as the list accumulates, the good folks at Quicken should be working to resolve these conflicts so that users don't have to shut down their syncing or their security in order to use Quicken.

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  • jacobs
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    ernienet said:
    So now we have to pause DropBox syncing (if we store our Quicken files in a DropBox folder), 
    @ernienet I'm not sure which threads you have or haven't read, but you should never store your Quicken Mac data file on Dropbox. It's fine to store Quicken backup files on Dropbox, or to store a Compressed (.zip) copy of your data feel on Dropbox. But the actual live data file should always reside only on your local hard drive and should not be moved without being compressed or backed up.

    If you're using Dropbox in order to use Quicken on two different computers, please read this post with specific do's and don'ts about that.
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