Full payee name not entered when qfx file imported

When I import a qfx file, the entire item in the QFX tag <NAME> is not always entering into the register. Sometimes it is but other times, no. For example the register may say "Amazon" rather than the complete tag, as here copied from the qfx file: <NAME>AMZN DIGITAL*2G57G4AJ2 88888-802. I wonder if the tag <CORRECTACTION>NOREPLACE is the problem but I cannot find out anything about the qfx tags. Thanks for whatever you be able to suggest.


  • Chris_QPW
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    It sounds like you have a renaming rule that is kicking in.  Tools -> Renaming Rules.
    Something like this:

    Another possible cause is:
    Edit -> Preferences -> Downloaded transactions -> Automatically apply Quicken's suggested name to payee

    If you want to learn about the QFX tags you can look at the OFX standard:

    Oops, I wrote this and then noticed that this is a Mac thread not a Windows thread.  I'm going to still post it, because I believe the overall information is right, but the details of finding where Quicken Mac's renaming rules are will be different, but it has them.

    Hopefully a Mac person will see this and fill in the details.
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