Quicken is asking for my Social Security #. Should I provide it?

On attempting to pay a bill with Quicken's desktop Bill Pay function Qkn asks for my Social Security #. Qkn's phone "Help" says an eBill provider needs it to allow Qkn to access my online account to collect billing information from that vendor.
However, The vendor denies it needs a SS#, nor do I need it to access my online account with that vendor. All I need is my usual username and password.


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    Hi @RCG,

    I have not seen any other posts regarding Quicken Bill Pay asking for a user's social security number. However I know that some banks do require a SSN to setup a Direct Connect type connection with the bank.  I also believe that Quicken may ask for a SSN in order to get your credit score.

    If you were somehow shut out of the account (or if the Quicken Bill Pay function was shut out) for example because an incorrect password was being used, I suppose that a part of the process to reestablish a connection certain financial institutions and perhaps even vendors might request that information, however if the vendor has indicated they do not, I would be skeptical.

    Have you tried to delete the vendor and then re-add it from scratch?  That may help.  Otherwise I would suggest that you contact Quicken Support to see if they can help you determine if the request is legit.

    Let me know how that goes.


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