One step update for Chase bank asks for different banks userid

I'm trying to setup my Chase bank credit cards for one step update. When I try, I select the Chase logo to select the bank, then enter my Chase userid and password. When I click Next, a dialog opens asking for my unrelated credit union userid and password. How do I get setup to quit asking for that credit union stuff? They are totally unrelated to Chase.

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    Hello @Brian Bygland

    Thank you for the update. That is quite odd. I'm wondering do you have an account with the FI that's popping up? I'd like to see if we might be able to replicate this issue if we were to copy the file if we would experience the same issue. We can try this by going across the top to file > copy or backup file > create a copy or template > Next > Save Copy > Open copy. 

    From here all of our bank connections will be [disconnected] as if it were a new file but our info will still be all saved. Try connecting your Chase accounts again. We should be able to connect without getting a popup afterward.

    Once you've done this please let us know the result. From there we'll find out the next steps.


    Quicken Francisco