Quicken not syncing 1 of 14 accounts to Quicken cloud - Fidelity 401k with internal holdings

I have 14 accounts in Quicken across multiple financial institutions. When I do 'one step update', quicken premier desktop for Windows correctly imports all my data including transactions, quotes, number of shares, etc. The accounts then match finance companies exactly. I then 'sync' my desktop to the quicken cloud. 13 of the 14 accounts match exactly. One account does not. It is a 401K account with Fidelity. It consists of just 4 investments ( those investments are 'internal' investments created by Fidelity for company I work for. They have no stock ticker of cusip number that yahoo, morningstar, etc can query. ) There are rarely transactions in this account. But the quote prices vary from day to day. So, Quicken desktop and Quicken web or iphone mobile do not 'match' the desktop for this one 401K account. Its obvious that Quicken is NOT syncing the changing quote prices making this account be off by $1,000, $10000 or more as market changes.
I have spoken with Quicken level 1 and 2 support multiple times with no luck. They all clearly agree quote prices are different which causes the difference in prices. But latest tech tells me since morningstar cant find ticker, Quicken cloud cant update quote prices.
This should not matter. When I tell Quicken to 'sync' my data to the cloud, it should be uploading the 401K's quotes, number of shares and totals from my desktop to the cloud database. At that point in time, account will match quicken web/mobile and I'd be happy. If it goes off during the day because Quicken cant find tickers, that's understandable!! After a couple a days go by, I can just 'sync' again to send latest quotes to Quicken cloud. then desktop and cloud would again match.
In any event 'sync' to me means 'make these two data files the same'. Quicken is clearly not doing this for this one investment.
I guess I need a way to 'force' quicken to upload the quotes and numbers of shares for this one account, but neither I or Quicken tech support has a way of doing that.
Any ideas welcome. Thanks.


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    Is your Fidelity 401k account setup and accessed via the Fidelity Netbenefits portal -
    and same for your Quicken account setup ?
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    yes. Quicken one step update gets the data from www.401k.com. I can access the account either through www.401k.com or nb.fidelity.com. One step update has no issues getting the data from Fidelity.
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    I notice that Quicken cloud does not seem to update 'bond' quotes/share prices. If I manually change a bond quote on quicken desktop, then sync to mobile, that manual bond quote is reflected on quicken web and quicken mobile. Why cant quicken do same thing for stocks or investments it cant find online quotes for? Just use the 'synced' quote from the quicken desktop which is the latest correct quote from the financial institution.
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    Any thoughts from the Quicken team? I've spoken with level 1 and 2 tech support multiple times. They agree and clearly see the problem, but are unable to fix. I'm just asking for Quicken to 'sync' my desktop data to the quicken cloud for my 401K account. Not looking for any 'live' quote updates. Thanks!