Check Pay - Payees List Issue

Using the latest Quicken for Windows. I set up a vendor with Check Pay and paid a bill 3 months ago. Now, I want to pay again. I can't find them in my Online Payees List. And I see a long list of payees from the old version of bill pay. And the "New" button is grayed out, so I can't add this payee again. I don't know where to go to fix this - any suggestions?


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    Hello - See if this helps:
    I believe the 'Online Payee List' under the Tools menu is for the OLD 'Quicken Bill Pay service' that was discontinued in Aug 2020 - that was provided for Quicken by Metavante Payment Services LLC, and was very reliable.
    Last year, Quicken deployed its own 'Quicken Bill Manager' to replace the Bill Pay service. To see the NEW list of 'Check Pay' payees, go to the 'Bills & Income' tab, then set the first drop-down to 'Biller Name', and in the 2nd box select 'Check Pay Payees'. To add a new entry, select the '+' sign at upper right.

    Note that this New system has multiple types of Payees:
    - Check Pay Payees used with Manual Bills - an actual check is sent per your instructions. You have a limited number of these, depending on your Quicken subscription.
    - Online Bills - connects to your account for info and an electronic funds transfer is set up - I've found this very buggy so resort to checks for most payments.

    Here's a discussion from last year with more details, if needed
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