Can you copy Transactions from one account to another? (Q Mac)

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Is there a way to copy transactions from one account to another in Quicken for Mac?


  • RickO
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    Yes, it's easy! Just select one or more transactions in the source account's register and drag them to the destination account in the sidebar. This moves the transaction; doesn't make a copy. If you want to make a copy of a transaction in another register, you will need to first duplicate it (menu Transactions > Duplicate Transaction) in the source register, then move the copy.
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  • volvogirl
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    May I ask a question?  Why do you want to copy a transaction to another account?  Or do you mean another FILE?  Why would you need the same transaction in 2 accounts?  Is it for a Transfer?  Or do you mean just to move it?  Can you give an example?
  • ironhide1975
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    The answer is I'm moving all my money out of Chase bank [removed - off-topic/disruptive]

    As such I have planned ahead five months in Quicken for my finances. I want to easily move these items to my local bank for future budgeting.

    the select and move worked great, I don't understand why there isn't a simple cut and paste feature for this, but hey it worked. Thank you.