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I would like to be able to move the edit budget window

when you go to budgets and then to edit budget a screen pops open which is fine, but that screen opens in the center of the page and you cant grab it from the top to move it around

this is a new thing, i used to be able to move it but i cant now.

can you guys please put it back to a movable box
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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @LaPajara The Edit Budget screen is a "sheet" in Mac interface parlance -- and by definition it can't be moved independently of the window it has popped out of. (This is the way the macOS user interface is designed, not something specific to Quicken.)

    In Quicken's case, I'd guess the designers built it as a sheet rather than an independent window so they don't have to have Quicken refresh the actual budget screen every time you change a value on the Edit budget screen; you make one or more edits on the Edit budget screen, then click Save to approve those changes, then the Edit sheet disappears, and then the budget screen under it refreshes with the updated budget values. If they built the Edit Budget screen as an independent window, then every time you typed a value in the Edit screen, it would have to update the actual budget screen; that could slow things down, and it also might make it impossible to be able to have a "Cancel" option on the Edit budget screen.

    By the way, it has worked this way in every version of modern Quicken Mac since 12-month budgets were added to the program back in April 2016, when Quicken 2016 version 3.3 was released. So Edit Budget being a sheet (as it is now) is actually not a new thing. ;)

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