Why does my Quicken for Windows forget that I have set up Checkpay/Quickpay?

I have set up my Quicken for Windows (R36.17) more than once for Checkpay/Quickpay (most recently this afternoon). But the software seems to "forget" that it has set up these functions and I have to repeat the procedure, which I did just this afternoon. What's going on?


  • Quicken Paloma
    Quicken Paloma Moderator mod
    Hello @Daniel Gordon, 

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having this issue. To better assist you I need more information. For instance, do you have Quicken Bill Manager set up in multiple datasets? Where is your main/active file located (external hard drive, cloud-based storage, local)? Lastly, are you being prompted to set up just the payment accounts or Quicken Bill Manager in general?

    Please provide further details and once more information is provided we can move forward with diagnosing the issue at hand. 

    -Quicken Paloma
  • Daniel Gordon
    Daniel Gordon Member ✭✭
    I only have Bill Manager set up in one physical dataset. This file is set up on a local hard disk. I'm not trying to set up up Bill Manager at all. I'm trying to get quickpay/checkpay to work.