Calendar not showing future scheduled bills deducted from balance!

I also "Reported A Problem" directly in Quicken, but frankly, I've never received any replies from any of those submissions, so posting here to shed some light on the matter.

I like Quicken, but this calendar view, which I depend on for cash flow analysis, has been problematic lately! While the previous "paycheck amount not appearing" appears fixed, now, it's a future balance not being correct as a scheduled bill is not getting deducted from the balance. Attached SCREENSHOT shows how the balance stays the same despite the future bill shown!

Oddly, the balance does get reduced, once I SEND the payment, but not until then! The Bills & Income->Projected Balances shows the same thing.

It's not a data issue - file has been super validated. The split lines are all correct, the scheduled transaction accounts are all correct.

v 36.17 Windows


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Regular Validate and Super Validate are not cure-alls for everything that could be wrong in a Quicken data file. They can only fix what they're programmed to look for.
    As to your transaction ... is that a transfer transaction between accounts that are both selected in the Calendar options? More details about this particular transaction might be helpful. If, based on your details, someone is able to reproduce the issue, then we'd have something specific to ask a programmer about.
  • Roger Snook
    Roger Snook Member ✭✭
    The transaction is a scheduled bill, created from creating a Loan Reminder directly from the liability account. I only have the one account selected in the calendar as that's the only balance I need to manage cash flow analysis.