Scanning Improvements

Being able to scan items and attaching them to transactions is a great feature in Quicken.  Now your book keeping and your record retention can go hand-in-hand.

 Unfortunately, the scanning features of Quicken are slow to use and are unable to use many of the features available from the scanners. Furthermore, features that work with one scanner, don't work with another (even though the scanner supports it).

 Some of the enhancements I'd like to see:

- Remove the 'attachments' dialog and the 'scanner selection' dialog. Currently you click the 'attachment icon' on the transaction, which shows you a giant dialog box with a tiny drop-down where you pick the type of attachment. You are then prompted for the scanner to use. 99.9% of the time, I'm always attaching something from the scanner, and I'm always using the same scanner. It's slow to start the scan process, and I have to go through multiple dialog boxes.

- Allow the user to pick the source of the attachment directly from the toolbar or right click menu (e.g. a scan button to scan, a file attach button to attach a file).

- Allow the user to set up the scanner in their user preferences. That way you'd don't need to prompt on each transaction. Make it easy for the user to change the scanner they are using for a single session (without having to change the default).

- Keep the session with the scanner open once it's been used once. It's slow for some of the scanner sessions to start and launch their scanning dialog boxes. If you keep the session open, the user can start scanning the second item immediately.

- Support duplex scanning. Everything now comes double-sided. I have to scan both sides of a check. This used to work with my Neat scanner - it would return one image but with both sides of the document. With my HP ScanJet Pro 2000, it no longer works. The scanner supports '2 Sided (booklet)' mode for the document, so it should work, but it doesn't when launched from Quicken.

- Present larger pictures of the documents. Most of the dialogs are huge, but they have a very small image on them. If you are going to have large dialog boxes, fill them with content that the user needs to see - not empty black space.

- Add basic image manipulation/correction capabilities (zoom, rotate). Right now, I have to re-scan the entire document to correct any rotation issues.

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